Memorials Headstone Proposal for Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple Black was a successful and renowned Hollywood star born on April 23, 1928. She started her career at the age of three and she is a recipient of many honorable awards. She died at the age of 85 on February 10, 2014 at her home in Woodside, California. The reason for her death according to her death certificate is Emphysema, a disease caused by lifelong smoking. Shirley Temple has been buried in Alta Mesa Memorial Park located in California.

Shirley Temple Black

Since the time of Greeks it has always been a ritual for a memorial headstone to be placed at the graves of well-known personalities; therefore, a headstone has been placed on her grave as well. Her headstone is made of Granite which is a monument sculpted as an angel who is holding her headstone and is sad for the loss of her life and carved on it is:

Our Beloved

Shirley Temple Black

April 23, 1928 – February 10, 2014

God’s greatest gift returned to God

It is true. Shirley Temple was a very humble and sweet lady. She was a gift from God. Her beautiful monument symbolizes her beauty and her soft nature. The white angel of purity sitting on her grave sends a message to this world that she is now living her eternal life and is in a peaceful sleep. She is free from all her cares and fears and is now enjoying her eternity. Now no pain, no fear and no grief can touch her soul. Her soul is now pure from all sins. She is now as innocent as a child. She is now in rest as the end of toil is rest.

As the most famous Hollywood star she is, thousands of fans visit her grave to show their love and affection for her. Shirley was a high achiever and being successful at a very young age she has set an example and is a motivation to her fans. She has died, but her memories and her achievements are still alive. Many more famous personalities will come and go but Shirley Temple Black has reserved her place in the hearts of people which will always be hers. Her glory will remain with us as glory does not die with life it dies with the world.

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